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  1. 14 Jul, 2014 4 commits
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    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      set: Print an error when setting a special var in the wrong scope · 2457997c
      Kevin Ballard authored
      When attempting to set a readonly or electric variable in the local or
      universal scopes, print an appropriate error. Similarly, print an error
      when setting an electric variable as exported. In most cases this is
      simply a nicer error instead of the 'read-only' one, but for the 'umask'
      variable it prevents `set -l umask 0023` from silently changing the
      global value.
    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      Mark COLUMNS/LINES as electric vars · d9bed68f
      Kevin Ballard authored
      They're dynamically calculated, so they qualify. This also removes them
      from the list of exported global variables, because they're actually not
    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      set: Don't treat toplevel scope the same as global · 2eb65b36
      Kevin Ballard authored
      When using the `set` command with the -l flag, if we're at the top
      level, create a temporary local scope. This makes query/assignment
      behavior be consistent with the value-printing behavior.
      This works by marking the current block as needing to pop the
      environment if a local scope was pushed. I assume this is safe to do. I
      also assume the current block is the right one to modify, rather than
      trying to walk up the stack to the root.
    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      Rewrite env_exists() for better scope handling · 76fdfe68
      Kevin Ballard authored
      env_exists() wasn't properly handling multiple scopes in some cases,
      notably with readonly/electric variables. Rewrite it to operate in a
      more straightforward fashion.
    • ridiculousfish's avatar
      Don't sanity_lose if INTERNAL_BLOCK_NODEs have a null argv · 495adee2
      ridiculousfish authored
      Fixes #1545
    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      Don't allow readonly/electric values to come in through the env · 383aaa23
      Kevin Ballard authored
      When initializing fish, ignore any inherited environment variables that
      match any of the readonly or electric variable names.
      This prevents really weird behavior when e.g. fish is launched with
      COLUMNS already set to something. In that case, testing $COLUMNS within
      fish behaves normally, but any subprocesses get the value that fish
      itself had inherited.
    • Kevin Ballard's avatar
      Fix typo and tweak `set` docs · 8c89e6bc
      Kevin Ballard authored
      Move the docs for the `-n` flag to `set` out of the list of scopes.
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