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updated bookmarklet to use URL (#47)

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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Any time you're on a Github repo you can click the bookmarklet
and it'll bring up the Active Forks of that repo.
javascript:var title=document.title;if(title){ thing=title.split(':');var newPage = ''+thing[0];open(newPage ,'targetname')}
javascript:thing=document.URL.match(/\/([A-z][\w\-]*\/[A-z][\w\-]*)/);if (thing){var newPage = ''+thing[1];open(newPage%20,'targetname')%20}%20else%20{window.alert("Not%20a%20valid%20GitHub%20page");}
![Screenshot](screenshot.png "Active Forks in Action")
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